[FAQ] Donations

[FAQ] Donations

Q. When I donate, where does my money go?
A. Donations are kept in our PayPal. The funds are strictly used for VPS fees.

Q. What sort of perks do I get as a donor?
A. We offer guaranteed slots on any of our servers if at capacity. You will also have a dedicated room in our Discord server. You will also get custom textured in game skins depending on the donation tier.

Q. What sort of in-game items will I get for being a donor? Will I get a custom or donor load-out?
A. We Offer Donor Textures, As well as custom Donor Textures. You will not spawn with these items.

*Note: All of our servers can be accessed regardless of donor status.

Our policy is in accordance with BI’s DayZ Server Monetization rules effective 12.10.2015 as indicated below.

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